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Birds Australia

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Birds Australia (formerly the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union) is Australia's oldest and most highly respected national conservation and research organisation. It is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with 60 staff and over 8,000 members and supporters. Birds Australia has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Established in 1901, Birds Australia has been researching Australia's birds and their habitats and publishing this information for nearly 100 years. In recent times the organisation has conducted about 30 conservation-related projects annually. These have ranged from nationwide surveys, wildlife monitoring programs and studies of endangered species to the production of some of the most authoritative publications on birds and the environment.

Its commitment to community education through participation means Birds Australia actively encourages the involvement of thousands of volunteers in its conservation projects. This enables the organisation to undertake large research programs. Four educational bird observatories and a major refuge for Mallee birds at Gluepot Reserve in South Australia are open to all.

Development of these pages was made possible through the project, ‘A Centenary History of Australian Ornithology’, supported by the National Council for the Centenary of Federation. This project, which commenced in 1999, was conceived, organised and authored by Libby Robin and resulted in the publication of The Flight of the Emu in October 2001.
Publication information:
Robin, Libby, The Flight of the Emu: A Hundred Years of Australian Ornithology 1901-2001, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne 2001. 432 + 32pp., 255 x 184mm, 32 pp of colour wraps, ISBN 0 522 84987 3
The Flight of the Emu is a history of Australian birding in the twentieth century. The Emu of the title comes from the hundred-year journal of the Royal Australasian Ornithologists' Union (later Birds Australia), but the book is much more than the history of a society. It encompasses ornithological research in museums, universities, government agencies, CSIRO and community groups, exploring the tensions between amateur and professional in a discipline in which exceptional amateur contributions have shaped science.
Online purchase:
As of January 2002 the book could be purchased online from Melbourne University Press at: http://www.mup.unimelb.edu.au/catalogue/0_522_84987_3.html
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