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Whitlock, Frederick Bulstrode Lawson (1860 - 1953)

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Born: 3 June 1860  Nottingham, England.  Died: 15 June 1953  Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia.
Frederick Bulstrode L. Whitlock arrived in Western Australia from England in 1901. His fieldwork undertaken during extensive travels throughout Western and Central Australia formed the basis of articles published in The Emu.

Career Highlights
Born Nottingham, England, 3 June 1860. Died Bunbury, Western Australia, 15 June 1953. Arrived Western Australia 1901, where he eventually completed the most extensive range of collecting ever undertaken by any one ornithologist in that State. Collected for H.L. White (q.v.) 1908-27, chiefly in Western Australia, but also made a visit to the Hermannsburg Range in central Australia in search of the Night Parrot. His bird-skins are in the Western Australian Museum, Perth, the National Museum, Melbourne ("H.L. White" Collection, along with most of the eggs he collected) and the American Museum of Natural History, New York ("Mathews Collection"). As well as being the first to obtain the nests and eggs of many Australian species, he obtained in 1909 the last "new" bird to be discovered in Western Australia, the Grey Honeyeater, Lacustroica whitei. Honorary Life Member, RAOU and Western Australian Naturalists' Club. A genus and a number of species of birds were named after him between 1909 and 1915, mainly by G.M. Mathews (q.v.)

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