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Barnard, Charles Ashmale (1867 - 1942)

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Farmer and Ornithologist
Born: 1867  Tasmania, Australia.  Died: 24 July 1942.
Charles Ashmale Barnard was a farmer and keen amateur ornithologist, who was a collector of birdskins.

Career Highlights
Born Tasmania, 1867. Died Coomooboolaroo Station, Duaringa, Queensland, 24 July 1942. President, Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union 1922-23. His collection of birdskins passed into the collection of G.M. Mathews. Member of the Duaringa Shire Council for 5 years and president for a considerable period.

The Barnards were all naturalists. The father, George (1830-1894), specialised in lepidoptera and coleoptera. Charles and his brothers Ernest and Harry (1869-1966) were interested in ornithology, Harry being a collector for H. L. White. His brother Wilfred (1870-?) took up entomology and formed one of the finest collections of Australian butterflies and moths, which he bequeathed to the Queensland Museum. His sister, Mabel Theodora Hobler (?-1925) was a lepidopterist, her collection ultimately passing to the Tring Museum.

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