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10 March 1998

New Bright Sparcs Exhibitions include:

5 January 1998

Jenny Newell's honours thesis 'Scientists and Colonists' is now online. It discusses how colonists were encouraged to get involved in early science in Australia.

18 December 1997

There is a new "Eye on the Past" article online, Sir Howard Florey - A Driven Spirit.

8 December 1997

Learn about why the Pasteur Institute set up a laboratory in Sydney in the late 1800's in our latest online exhibition, Pasteur in Australia.

30 October 1997

Try out your knowledge of Australian scientists in our new Bright Sparcs Quiz! There are 9 faces and plenty of clues - can you put names to them?

1 October 1997

All of the ASAP Australasian Science articles are now online, at a new site. Each is only 500-600 words long, and makes for fascinating reading!

8 September 1997

We've done a revamp of the Bright Sparcs site, complete with sidebar graphics, META tags and a new Home Page.

26 June 1997

Sir Mark Oliphant is one of Australia's greatest physicists. Meet him and learn more about the significant work he did in nuclear physics, working with Rutherford.

22 June 1997

The Cabinet of Curiosities holds many treasures. Two hundred years of Australian science are arrayed for exploration and reflection, through the work of eight Australian artists. The curiosities contained are those of Australia's men and women of science, and your own.

30 April 1997

The Giant's Eye, the Optical Munitions Exhibition was officially launched this day, by Sir Gustav Nossal, at the new Exploratory at Mt Stromlo Observatory. Explore this huge exhibition for yourself, and discover what Australian physicists got up to during the Second World War!

6 February 1997

There are 2 new articles by Tim Sherratt online now. Have a look at "A Passion for Physics - Joan Freeman" and "The many battles of Jock Marshall".

28 January 1997

Check out the new Exhibition Papers site, where you can find articles and papers related to the exhibitions.

22 January 1997

Use our new Bibliography to locate books and articles about Australian scientists. Each entry includes all the information you need to find the publication in your local public or university library.

20 January 1997

Find your way around Bright Sparcs, and discover new resources with our detailed User's Guide.

1 July 1996

As you can see, a lot has changed. In particular:

We have also worked through our backlog of corrections to the database. We have even started adding some new entries!

Published by the Australian Science Archives Project on ASAPWeb, 4 June 1996
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