Bright Sparcs Exhibition Papers

Efforts to Involve the Public in Science
in Late Nineteenth-Century Australia

Jenny Newell

Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of a
Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in History
at the Australian National University
June 1992



AAAS Australian Association for the Advancement of Science
ADB Australian Dictionary of Biography
HRAS Historical Records of Australian Science
Journ. Journal
NSW New South Wales
Proc Proceedings
Soc Society
Tas. Tasmania
Trans. Transactions
Vic. Victoria


I am grateful to many friends, family members, historians, and history department and library staff for their assistance with this thesis. Special thanks go to Anthea Hyslop, my supervisor. She has been an enthusiastic collaborator, giving able advice, ideas, and friendship. I am grateful to Dr. Nicholas Rupke and Professor Roy MacLeod for their interest and for sparing time to advise me. Rosanne Walker (Clayton) and Jo Justin at the Academy of Science, Ederic Slater and Professor Brian Gunning all helped and gave me generous access to their collections. Many thanks to my family and to the Gunnings for their support. Thanks to Dawn and Barry Newell for their help with editing, and to Barry for providing the view-point of a present-day scientist. Finally, Mark: I cannot thank you enough.

Honours Thesis submitted by Jenny Newell, Australian National University, June 1992.
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