Bright Sparcs Exhibitions

Bright Sparcs online exhibitions are similar to museum exhibitions,
with stories to tell and virtual paths to wander down!

They are a great resource for teachers and students at all levels,
as well as a fascinating place to browse and learn more about
Australia's scientific, technological and medical heritage.

The Giant's Eye: The Optical Munitions Exhibition During the Second World War, Australian physicists came to the nation's rescue. Against all odds, they were able to develop optical glass and thus provided Australian troops with the means to accurately defend our nation. The Giant's Eye: The Optical Munitions Exhibition tells this fascinating story from a tense moment in Australia's history.

Amalie Dietrich Amalie Dietrich, a German naturalist and botanist, was a strong and courageous woman who spent many years 'wandering' north and central Queensland in the late 1800s to bring the natural wonders of Australia to the European scientific community.

Australian Nobel Laureates Australian Nobel Laureates are detailed in this exhibition, which is currently under development.

Sir Mark Oliphant Sir Mark Oliphant, Australian nuclear physicist and former Governor of South Australia, worked with Rutherford at the famous Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University in England. His work laid the foundations for the development of nuclear weapons and microwave radar.

pasteur_title.gif 2.8 K The Pasteur Institute undertook significant work in Australia during the late 1800s. Pasteur and his colleagues attempted to curb the growing rabbit population (unsuccessfully). However, they were successful in developing several other vaccines, including one for the dreaded disease Anthrax.

The Cabinet of Curiosities Explore the spectacular Cabinet of Curiosities, a work of art which tells many stories that celebrate 200 years of Australian science.

Australasian Science - 'Eye on the Past' Articles Australasian Science contains many short articles that have been written by ASAP staff and published in the popular journal, Australasian Science. Many topics are covered, with a particular emphasis on Australian science personalities and their achievements.

Photograph of Jock Marshall Jock Marshall: One Armed Warrior Jock Marshall: One Armed Warrior is the story of an extraordinary Australian scientist. This biography was written by Jock's wife, Jane Marshall, and is a touching, thrilling, and very readable account of the many battles that Jock encountered during his life.

Exhibition Papers
Bright Sparcs Exhibition Papers provide further information on several of these exhibition topics. The papers are reproduced with permission of their publishers and are from a variety of sources, including scientific journals and Australian War Memorial publications.

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