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Australian Science Archives Project

Application of New Archival Theory and Database Technologies

Presentations at Archives and Reform - Preparing for Tomorrow, Australian Society of Archivists 1997 National Conference, Adelaide, 24- 26 July 1997.

Much has been written about the threat digitization poses to our ability to identify, preserve and maintain access to records that form the evidential basis of our corporate, cultural and societal memory. Technology seems to present insurmountable problems for archivists to accomplish their mission. Or alternatively it could be the means to make the profession irrelevant - if you believe what you read in some IT promotional material.

However, the reality is that technology, far from being a threat to our existence, is an opportunity to be embraced. A means by which archivists can move closer to their lofty ideals, placing the profession on a sure footing in tomorrow's information world. I believe that is the idea behind the need for reform, expressed in this conference's title, and that we are here to prepare for our place in tomorrow. But what reform is required? Change for change sake? Reform because we are forced to? Or maybe reform because we want to?

At the Australian Science Archives Project, we are quite excited about the opportunities new technology can bring. In this session, we aim to share some of our enthusiasm, in describing our Archival Data-management System - hereafter known as the ADS - and some of the rewards harnessing technology can bring. We will look at the theoretical and practical underpinnings of the system as reflected in the structure, examine its archival functionality and explore outputs and future possibilities.

** ADS Structure
by Joanne Evans

** ADS In Practice
by Lisa Enright

** Beyond The ADS
by Lisa Cianci and Helen Morgan

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Published by the Australian Science Archives Project on ASAPWeb, August 1997.
Prepared by: Joanne Evans
Updated by: Elissa Tenkate
Date modified: 25 February 1998