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Quotation Double Acrostic
Lawrence Hargrave, Aeronautical Engineer and Astronomer

To solve this puzzle, start by solving each clue and writing the answer in the numbered boxes underneath the clue (one letter per box).
Then write these letters in the appropriate numbered space in the quotation below the puzzle. Once you get an idea of some of
the words in the quotation, you might like to work the other way around - from the quotation into the numbered boxes.
One clue has been filled in to show you how to start. All the scientists are either Australian or worked in Australia.
  1. Female naturalist and botanical illustrator who wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald

  2. 1960 Noble Prize Winner and Director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

  3. To measure the heaviness of an object

  4. Australian Prime Minister who tried to introduce conscription during the First World War

  5. sunny, cloud-free weather

  6. Physiologist and joint winner of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine 1963

  7. To fasten temporarily with a loop, hook, or noose

  8. First female Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

  9. Geologist who led early expeditions to the Antarctic

  10. Result, consequence

  1. Melt, liquefy

  2. Joint winner, with his son Lawrence, of the Nobel Prize in Physics 1915

  3. Artifical Intelligence (abbreviation)

  4. Commander of HMS Endeavour on its expedition to observe the transit of Venus at Tahiti in June 1769

  5. Female German mathematician and Head of the Department of Pure Mathematics, Australian National University 1964-71

  6. First name of the female botanical artist who had a Flora Reserve named after her

  7. Spark, flicker, flame, shimmer

  8. Radiophysicist who was born in New Zealand
    and became Chair of CSIRO, 1959-70

  9. Pathologist who received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine 1945 for his ground-breaking research on penicillin

Hargrave Double Acrostic Quotation

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