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Amalie Dietrich

* This unit is about Amalie Dietrich, the German botanist, collector and naturalist who worked for nearly ten years in the Queensland wilderness during the ninteenth century. Her story is the focus of the Bright Sparcs Amalie Dietrich online exhibition.

*Questions and Issues

These questions and issues can act as a starting point for many discussions. Amalie Dietrich was a controversial figure in many ways, as a woman who pursued an unconventional career in Australia and was seen as an eccentric. Her daughter Charitas' biased and largely fictional account of Dietrich's life also makes for fascinating historical study.

*Concurrent Events

A list of world events that occurred around the time Amalie Dietrich was in Australia.


* Queensland Map

Map of Queensland

This map shows the towns where Amalie Dietrich worked. The location of Lake Eliphinstone is a guess - it was about 230 km inland from Mackay, but it is no longer a town. Similarily, the exact route she took can only be guessed at, so it is not marked on the map. She went no further north than Bowen.

There is also a grey-scale map of Queensland available here which can be photocopied for use in the class-room.

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