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The aim of this page is to bring together people from all over the world who are interested in the archives of science, technology and medicine. STAMA International (a sub group of the International Council on Archives) and STAMA Australia (a special interest group of the Australian Society of Archivists) are currently the key participants in this community. The key communication tool for the community is the STAMA Email List.

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STAMA Email List

How to Subscribe
Where to get the STAMA Email Archives

The STAMA email list aims to provide a supportive, informative, creative and tolerant environment for the discussion, publication and promotion of issues relating to science, technology and medicine archives.

The STAMA email list was established by the Australian Science Archives Project to serve the members of:
[International Council on Archives Logo - 1.1 K] International Council on Archives - Provisional Section of University and Research Institution Archives - Science Archives Group;
[Australian Society of Archivists Logo - 2.0 K Australian Society of Archivists - Science, Technology and Medicine Archives Special Interest Group; and
[Health & Medicine Museums Logo] Museums Australia - Health and Medicine Museums Special Interest Group.

Other interested groups and individuals are welcome to participate in this list, especially members of:
[Society of American Archivists Logo - 2.3 K] Society of American Archivists - Science, Technology and Health Care Roundtable

and any other special interest groups working in this field.

If you belong to such a group that is not mentioned above, could you please notify the list so your organisation's name can also be included.

As you can see by the institutions mentioned above, STAMA includes artefacts and records, as the two are so often intertwined in the science, technology and health care arenas and many of us have to deal with mixed collections.

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe send the message:

	subscribe stama
to (leave the subject line blank).

Where to get the STAMA Email Archives

Hypertext archives of the STAMA email list are available at:

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