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White, John (c. 1756 - 1832)

Published Sources
Naval officer and Surgeon
Born: c. 1756.  Died: 20 February 1832  Worthing, Sussex, England.
John White was chief surgeon of the First Fleet and the subsequent colony of New South Wales, remaining in the colony until December 1794. He was responsible for the building of a hospital and decreasing the illness and death rate. He was also a keen amateur naturalist; his journal and accompanying specimens were sent to England in November 1788 and subsequently published as "Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales" in 1790.

Career Highlights
Born ca 1757. Entered the navy as third surgeon's mate in H.M.S. "Wasp" 1778, diploma of the Company of Surgeons 1781, naval service, West Indies and India 1781-86, surgeon, "Irresistible" 1786, chief surgeon, First Fleet 1786-96, various ships 1796-99, surgeon, Sheerness Navy Yard 1799-1803, surgeon, Chatham Yard 1803-20. Keen amateur naturalist, who sent specimens to England. The convict artist assigned to him from 1792-94, Thomas Watling (q.v.), made many natural history drawings for him.

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