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Diggles, Silvester (1817 - 1880)

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Naturalist, Artist and Musician
Born: 24 January 1817  Liverpool, England.  Died: 21 March 1880  Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Sylvester Diggles was a musician, artist and naturalist who actively progressed the cultural and scientific development of Queensland in the 1850's. He was founder of the Brisbane Choral Society, the Brisbane Philharmonic Society and co-founder of the Queensland Philoscientific Society. Diggles and this society established the Queensland Museum in 1862.

Career Highlights
One year after arriving in Australia (Sydney), Sylvester Diggles moved his family to Queensland (1854). There he worked as a music and drawing teacher and musical instrument repairer. He founded the Brisbane Choral and Brisbane Philharmonic Societies and was dubbed ‘the father of music in Brisbane’.

Diggles was a very religious man and joined, then lead, the New Jerusalem Church. He was also interested in science, especially ornithology and entomology. He helped establish Queensland’s first scientific institute, the Queensland Philoscientific Society, which lead to the development of the Queensland Museum. Sylvester Diggles wrote many publications, but his most applauded work was the 21 part The Ornothology of Australia. He also drew 325 lithographed hand-coloured plates (many of which were used in the book) and developed a fine entomology collection (particularly moths, butterflies and beetles).

c. 1846Leader of the New Jerusalem Church in Queensland
1853Arrived in Australia (Sydney)
1854Moved to Brisbane
1859Co-founder of the Queensland Philoscientific Society
1859Founder of the Brisbane Choral Society
1861Founder of the Brisbane Philharmonic Society
1862Co-founder of the Queensland Museum
1865 - 1870The Ornothology of Australia published in 21 parts

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