cab_anim.gif 41.13 K The Cabinet of Curiosities contains not oddities, nor specimens, but stories. Presented through the work of eight Australian artists, these stories tell of the development of western science in Australia over the past two hundred years.

The Cabinet of Curiosities is an original piece, not a reconstruction. Inspired by the labours of Joseph Banks, the Cabinet was created to journey to Britain aboard the replica Endeavour in 1997. While Banks's work helped introduce Australia to the processes and practices of western science, the Cabinet of Curiosities opens our minds to what has come since. How are we to know and understand Australia's scientific past? What is Australian science?

These questions and many more are examined by the eight original works of art contained within the Cabinet. Can you find the answers?

The Cabinet has been constructed in sections, corresponding to its three major themes:

Each artist was asked to respond to a complex story drawn from Australia's rich scientific heritage. This process has imbued the Cabinet many layers of meaning. It is a collection of questions, not answers. As the inscription on the top panel says: 'The curiosities contained are your own. Open, examine and understand.'

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