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White, Elizabeth (1903 - 1992)

Born: 18 August 1903  Litchfield, England.  Died: September 1992.
Elizabeth White practised medicine chiefly as a bacteriologist to Queen Charlotte's Hospital Research Laboratories, where she was involved in puerperal fever research using Prontosil treatment. She married Frederick George White in 1932 and moved with him to Canterbury in New Zealand in 1937. After that, while she worked sporadically in a medical capacity, her time was largely devoted to her family.

Career Highlights

1929Bachelor of Medicine (MB), Bachelor of Surgery (BS) completed at the London School of Medicine for Women
c. 1929 - 1931House Physician, Resident Pathologist and routine bacteriologist at the Royal Free Hospital
1931Diploma of Public Health completed at the London School of Medicine for Women
c. 1931 - 1937Bacteriologist at the Queen Charlotte's Hospital Research Laboratories
1941Blood Bank at the Infants Hospital in Sydney
1945Demonstrator in Pathology at the University of Melbourne Medical School


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