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Allen, Alfred James (1892 - 1981)

Applied chemist
Born: 1892  New Zealand.  Died: 4 May 1981.
Alfred James Allen was the founder and managing director of Tarac Industries. The company made products, including cream of tartar, from the parts of the grapes not used in wine making. During 1941-45 he produced over 1 million gallons of power alcohol, which was used to keep the taxis running. Prior to this Allen was a Student analyst with the Victorian Department of Agriculture, assistant pathologist with the Department of Public Health and researcher at the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories where he worked on the production of tetanus antitoxin and insulin. He graduated in Applied Chemistry at the Working Men's College in Melbourne and represented Victoria at the Australian Hockey Championships of 1922 and 1923. Allen was also Worshipful Master at the Barossa Masonic Lodge in South Australia and a PGS of the Grand Lodge of South Australia.

Career Highlights

1918 - 1919War service with the Australian Imperial Force in Rabaul, New Guinea
1919 - 1930Researcher at the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL)
1930 - Tarac Industries established
1938Worshipful Master at Barossa Masonic Lodge
1946President of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, South Australian branch


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