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Allen, William Douglas (1914 - )

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Physicist and Electrical engineer
Born: 27 July 1914  Mussooree, Uttar Pradesh, India
William Douglas Allen was on the Manhattan Project, USA 1944-46 and at the CSIR Radiophysics Laboratory 1946 before becoming research physicist at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, UK 1946-61. He was Professor of Engineering, University of Reading, UK 1966-78.

Career Highlights

1935Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc (Hons)) completed at the University of Adelaide
1939 - 1944Scientific officer at the Telecommunications Research Establishment, Ministry of Aircraft Production, UK
1940Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) completed at the University of Oxford
1944 - 1945Scientific officer on the Manhattan Project, USA
1946Physicist at the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) Radiophysics Laboratory
1946 - 1961Research Physicist at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment in Harwell, UK
1961 - 1977Physicist at Rutherford High Energy Laboratory, UK
1966 - 1978Professor of Engineering at the University of Reading, UK
1978 - 1979Visiting Professor of Physics at the University of West Indies, Barbados
1979 - 1981Visiting Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Southampton, UK

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