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Allan, Frances Elizabeth (1905 - 1952)

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Biometrician and Statistician
Born: 11 July 1905  St Kilda, Victoria, Australia.  Died: 6 August 1952  Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
Frances Elizabeth (Betty) Allan was Senior Biometrical Officer at Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) from 1930-40. She is regarded as the effective founder of the CSIRO Division of Mathematics and Statistics. A talented student, Allan studied at the University of Melbourne and carried out post-graduate work in Newnham College, Cambridge.

Career Highlights
Alternative Names: Calvert, Betty (Also known as)
Born and educated in Melbourne, Frances Allan won a scholarship to carry out postgraduate studies in mathematics, applied biology, statistics and agriculture at Cambridge. She then went to Rothamsted Experimental Station to learn practical statistics for the agricultural industry and was co-author on 3 influential scientific papers there. Upon her return to Australia, Allan was immediately employed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (Division of Plant Industry) and became their first biometrician. During this time she also lectured to undergraduates at Canberra University College and at other organisations. Because of the rules at the time, Frances Allan had to give up full time work after she married in April. She did however gain Government approval to work until the end of that year. She continued to lecture part-time then, after the birth of her first child, retired from research. Allan became active in many parenting and education groups once retired.

1626Joint recipient of the Dixon and Wyselaskie scholarship for mathematics
1926Bachelor of Arts (BA) completed at the University of Melbourne
c. 1927Professor Nanson Prize and Fred Knight research scholarship received
1928CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) studentship grant to fund her London studies
1928Studied at Newnham College, Cambridge, UK
1928Master of Arts (MA) completed at the University of Melbourne
1928Diploma of Education (DipEd) completed at the University of Melbourne
1929 - 1930Research student in agricultural statistics at Rothamsted Experimental Station, UK
1930 - 1934Biometrician in the Division of Plant Industry at CSIR
1932Lecturer in Statistical Theory at Canberra University College
1935Foundation member of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science
1935 - 1937Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at Canberra University College
1935 - 1940Research Officer at CSIR
1936Lecturer at the Australian Forestry School (part-time)
1938 - 1940Lecturer at the Australian Forestry School (part-time)
1940Married Dr Patrick Joseph Calvert at Trinity College Chapel in Parkville, Victoria
c. 1940Researcher at the Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics (part-time)
1943 - 1944Secretary of the Canberra Nursery Kindergarten Society
1944 - 1946President of the Canberra Mothercraft Society

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