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Maxwell, Walter (1854 - 1931)

Published Sources
Agricultural scientist
Born: 14 June 1854  Paradise, Durham, England.  Died: 9 July 1931  Conway, New Hampshire, Egypt.
Walter Maxwell was brought to Australia from the United States of America to report on the sugar industry in Queensland. His 1900 report recommended that research stations be established to further the industry. One was established in Mackay and Maxwell was appointed its Director. He remained in Australia for ten years and completed three other reports for the Commonwealth. Maxwell left Australia in 1910 and went on to study the sugar industry in the Philippines for the United States Department of Agriculture and was Goverment Advisor to Britain during World War I.

Career Highlights

1893 - c. 1895Research into sugar-cane juice at Audubon Park Sugar Experiment Station in Louisiana, USA
1895 - c. 1900Inaugural Director of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association's Experiment Station, USA
1900Visited Australia to report on the Sugar industry in Queensland for the Minister of Agriculture
1900 - 1910?Director of the sugar experiment station established in Queensalnd
1901Commonwealth Government Advisor on the cane sugar industry
1904 - 1910Comptroller of Bureau of Central Sugar Mills
1905Commonwealth Government Advisor on the sugar bonus scheme
1907 - 1910Honorary Technical Advisor to the Australian Sugar Producers' Association
1910Commonwealth Government Advisor on the cane sugar industry
1910Left Australia


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