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Kershaw, James Andrew (1866 - 1946)

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Zoologist and Museum curator
Born: 13 April 1866  Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.  Died: 16 February 1946  Windsor, Victoria, Australia.
James Andrew Kershaw joined the National Museum, Melbourne in 1883 as an assistant taxidermist to his father William Kershaw. Over the next 48 years James Kershaw rose through the ranks to become museum Director (1929). Although Kershaw officially retired in 1931, he was appointed the museumís first honorary curator of Zoology. James Kershaw joined the Royal Society of Victoria in 1900 and held many positions within the Society. He was President from 1918-1919.

Career Highlights

1883 - 1890Assistant Taxidermist at the National Museum in Melbourne
1888 - ?Member then President of the Field Naturalists' Club Victoria
1890Taxidermist at the National Museum
c. 1899Curator of the Zoological Collection at the National Museum
1900Member of the Royal Society of Victoria
1908Royal Australasian Ornathologist's Union expedition to Bass Strait
1908 - 1946Honorary Secretary of the Wilson's Promontary National Park Committee of Management, Victoria
1909Expedition to Bass Strait
1911Platypus studeis at Hopkins River in Victoria
1913Expedition to the Barrier Reef, Queensland
1918President of the Royal Society of Victoria
1920 - 1923Honorary Secretary of the Royal Society of Victoria
1921Expedition to Ooldea, Western Australia
1922Trustee of the Royal Society of Victoria
1924 - 1925Honorary Librarian of the Royal Society of Victoria
1929 - 1931Director of the National Museum
1931Retired and appointed Honorary Curator of Zoology at the National Museum


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