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MacGillivray, Paul Howard (1834 - 1895)

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Naturalist and Physician
Born: 1834  Edinburgh, Scotland.  Died: 9 July 1895  Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
Paul Howard MacGillivray was a renowned surgeon and one of Australia’s top naturalists. While still in Scotland he began studying science, but when his father died in 1852 MacGillivray switched to medicine. In 1855 he was appointed a member of the Royal College of Surgeons and towards the end of that year migrated to Australia. MacGillivray set up a practice in Williamstown (Victoria) and became resident surgeon at Bendigo Hospital. There he developed his surgical skills and wrote many papers on his techniques. The members of the Medical Society of Victoria elected him as their President in 1874. While in Australia, MacGillivray’s interest in natural history grew, especially after he joined the Field Naturalists’ Club of Victoria. MacGillivray wrote and illustrated numerous articles (several on Polyzoa) for Transactions and other significant journals as well as for the book Prodromus of the Zoology of Victoria (McCoy, 1878-1890, Melbourne).

Career Highlights
Alternative Names: McGillivray, Paul Howard

1851Master of Arts (MA) completed at the University of Aberdeen
1852Migrated to Australia and set up a practice in Williamstown, Victoria
1852A Catalogue of the Flowering Plants and Ferns growing in the neighbourhood of Aberdeen published
1855Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS)
1857 - Member of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria
1859 - Regularly contributed articles and illustrations to Transactions - the journal of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria (later the Royal Society of Victoria)
1862 - 1873Resident Surgeon at Bendigo Hospital
1874President of the Medical Society of Victoria
1880 - Fellow of the Linnean Society of London

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