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Atkinson, Caroline Louisa Waring (1834 - 1872)

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Naturalist and Writer
Born: 25 February 1834  Berrima, New South Wales, Australia.  Died: 28 April 1872  Oldbury?, New South Wales, Australia.
Caroline Louisa W. Atkinson, later Calvert (her husband was James Snowden Calvert), was largely self-educated in New South Wales, a keen student of natural history and an accomplished botanical illustrator. She was also a populariser of science and published in the "Sydney Morning Herald" and the "Horticultural Magazine".

Career Highlights
Alternative Names: Calvert, Caroline (married name)
Taught by her mother and developed a keen interest in botany and zoology. Wrote popular articles on botany, made drawings and sent numerous specimens to eminent botanists, including William Woolls and Ferdinand von Mueller (q.v.). She was also an able taxidermist. Commemorated in the Loranthaceous genus Atkinsonia, also Erechtites atkinsoniae and Epacris calvertiana. Additionally a horticulturally distinct fern ranking as a form of Doodia caudata was named in her honour Doodia atkinsonii.
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