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Anderson, Jan (1932 - )

Biographical entry Published Sources
National Library of Australia Oral History Collection
[Repository details]
Title:Interview with Jan Anderson, plant biochemist and international expert in photosynthesis research, Chief Research Scientist, Division of Plant Industry, CSIRO (sound recording), interviewer: Ragbir Bhathal
Reference:TRC 3479
Date Range:9 August 1996
Description:2 compact discs (c. 110 minutes) and a 48 page transcript. Anderson discusses her early life in a middle class family in the mountainous district of Queenstown, N.Z., how she lived outdoors much of the time stimulating her interest in the natural world, her expectation of becoming a school teacher despite her father's wish that she become a doctor like him, the restrictive atmosphere of a girls school, how she obtained a bonded scholarship to University of Otago where her father had gone, how she completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in organic chemistry leading to a scholarship for a masters degree, how she was bonded to undertake teachers college which was interrupted by the offer of another scholarship to the University of California for a doctorate in biochemistry, how from 1956 she was supervised by Melvin Calvin an expert in photosynthesis.
Access:Written permission required for research use and public use during the lifetime of the interviewee.
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National Library of Australia Pictures Collection
[Repository details]
Title:Jan Anderson, Portrait
Reference:PIC NL37974
Date Range:9 August 1996
Description:Black and white photograph. Part of a collection of photographs of Jan Anderson being interviewed by Ragbir Bhathal.
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